Web Connector Error: QBWC1039 Unique Owner ID/File ID pair value required

If you see this error: QBWC1039 Unique Owner ID/File ID pair value required when adding a new QWC file to the web connector, the <OwnerID> in the QWC file needs to be adjusted.

1. On the computer where QuickBooks and the QuickBooks Web Connector are located, open a browser and sign in to your Now Commerce administrator account.
2. In Now Commerce, go to Settings > Configuration Settings and click the link to Reinstall the Web Connector configuration. This will download a QWC file. Note the filename and the file download location.
3. Browse to the folder containing the downloaded QWC file. Open the file with Notepad and change the first number in the <OwnerID> value (e.g., if the first number is a 1, change it to a 2 or 3). Save the changes, ensuring that the filename extension is still QWC.
4. Open QuickBooks, then double-click on the QWC file. The QuickBooks Web Connector will open.
5. If you see Authorize New Web Service, click OK.
6. If you see QuickBooks Application Certificate, look for “Do you want to allow this application to read and modify this company file?”. Click “Yes, whenever the QuickBooks Company file is open” > Continue > Done.
7. On the right side of the web connector, you will be need to enter a password. This is the password that you used to log in to your Now Commerce administrator account. When you are asked if you want to save your password, click Yes.
8. To begin the web connector sync, check the box on the left side of the application and click the “Update Selected” button.

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