How do I add additional users to a customer’s account?

After the first user account has been set up for a customer, the customer can add additional buyers to their account themselves. Here are some instructions that you can edit as you see fit and pass on to your customer. If you have the customer’s username and password, you can sign in as the customer and add additional users for them.

User Settings
To view your company profile and manage users, choose User Settings from the Home page. If your Company Profile information is incorrect, please notify us by phone or email. Click Edit to add remove users from the system. To add a user, click Add User and enter the user’s Name, Email, Phone, and Time Zone. Currently, Receive SMS Alerts is not available so Mobile Carrier, Mobile Number, and Notify Mobile do not apply. Under Roles, check Administrator if you would like this user to be able to add other users as well. Check Payments Manager if you would like this user to see the Payments and Credits menu (if available). When you click Submit, an email from will be sent to the new user, providing a temporary password to sign in to the Online Customer Service Center.

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