Installing and Configuring the Order Bridge

Installing the Order Bridge

  1. Click
  2. When you see File Download, click Run.
  3. When you see the Order Bridge Utility Setup Wizard, click Next.
  4. When you see Select Installation folder, click Next accepting the default folder location and “Everyone”.
  5. When you see Confirm Installation, click Next.
  6. When you see Installation Complete, click Close.

Configuring the Order Bridge

  1. Log into QuickBooks as Admin.
  2. If you are in multi-user mode, switch to single-user mode.
  3. Open the Order Bridge: Start > All Programs > Now Commerce > Order Bridge.
  4. When you see “The system has not been configured. Please configure the program using the following screen”, click OK.
  5. When you see the Configure screen, enter your Now Commerce administrator email address and password and click Connect.
  6. When you see Authorize New Web Service, click OK.
  7. When you see QuickBooks Application Certificate – “Do you want to allow this application to read and modify this company file?” click “Yes, whenever the QuickBooks Company file is open” > Continue > Done.
  8. When you see the Configure screen again, click OK.
  9. The configuration is complete, click Close.

You may switch back to multi-user mode in QuickBooks, if necessary

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