Initial Sync with QuickBooks

You will need to have a Now Commerce administrator account. If you do not have one, contact your account manager.

If you already have an administrator account, sign in at You can reset your password at

You will need to be signed into QuickBooks as Admin and switch to single-user mode for this step. Once the initial synchronization has completed, you can switch back to multi-user mode.

When you sign in to Now Commerce for the first time, a setup wizard will show you how to start the initial synchronization between Now Commerce and QuickBooks. The synchronization is done using the QuickBooks Web Connector, an Intuit product.

The initial synchronization can take several hours and will require an uninterrupted Internet connection. QuickBooks and the QuickBooks Web Connector must remain open during this time. Subsequent synchronization should only take a few minutes.

As soon as the initial synchronization is completed, you will be able to click Continue through the rest of the pages in the setup wizard until you reach the Company Profile. Complete the required fields in the company profile and click Submit. You will now be in the Now Commerce company portal and can begin setting up and using the entire service.

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