Transitioning from Santrio to the Now Commerce interface

Now Commerce is the new brand for Santrio. The Now Commerce interface has a responsive design, resulting in a better user experience on mobile devices. You can easily transition to Now Commerce by changing where you sign in. Your credentials will remain the same.

Although you can continue to use the Santrio interface, we recommend that you transition your users to Now Commerce in order to take advantage of its responsive design and new features as they are added. Many new Now Commerce features are not available in the Santrio interface.

If you currently have a branded portal through Santrio, we will need to re-brand it for Now Commerce. We’ll upload your logo to all rep and customer-facing pages. Please send us the your logo (exactly 300 pixels wide x by 100 pixels high).

The direct link to your Santrio portal is where “ID=XXXXX” was provided to you at the beginning of your Santrio subscription. If you do not know your portal ID, please contact your account manager.

All you need to do is sign in at instead, using the same portal ID. If you have links on your website that point to the Santrio site, please change them to point to your Now Commerce sign in page.

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