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How to manage customer portal settings

To manage customer portal settings, Sign in to your Now Commerce administrator account, go to Settings > Sales Rep and Customer Accounts > Manage Customer Portal Settings. Show Price Lists If you have a price list, checking this box will

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How to find out the last time a customer signed in

Sign in to your Now Commerce administrator account. go to Customers > Customer Listing > Customize. check the box to display the Last Sign In and set the display order. Click Submit to save your changes. You will be returned

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Installing and Configuring the Order Bridge

Installing the Order Bridge Click When you see File Download, click Run. When you see the Order Bridge Utility Setup Wizard, click Next. When you see Select Installation folder, click Next accepting the default folder location and “Everyone”. When

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Override the QB Price of an Item

The price override on forms can override the QB item price. 1. Go to Orders> Manage Lists and Forms. The Price Lists and Order Forms page is displayed. 2. Locate the desired form and click Edit. The Edit Form page

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Order Bridge Operating Instructions

Once you have finished Installing and Configuring the Order Bridge, you can use it to get your pending orders into QuickBooks. Manual Operation First, make sure that QuickBooks is open to the correct company file. Open the Order Bridge program. Start>

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Adding the Order Bridge to the Startup folder

Please note: This information is provided as a courtesy only and is not supported by the Now Commerce team. Please consult a Windows technician for additional assistance. Click the Start button, click Computer, click (C:), click Program Files (x86). Locate

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