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Transitioning from Santrio to the Now Commerce interface

Now Commerce is the new brand for Santrio. The Now Commerce interface has a responsive design, resulting in a better user experience on mobile devices. You can easily transition to Now Commerce by changing where you sign in. Your credentials

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How to Create an Order Bridge Log

Every time the order bridge runs, it can create a log file named BridgeLog.txt. Subsequent order bridge runs will overwrite the previous log file. The order bridge log can help Now Commerce troubleshoot problems related to the order bridge. Open

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QuickBooks Web Connector: No Data Exchange Required

So, you made a bunch of changes in QuickBooks and you updated the QuickBooks Web Connector but your changes are not showing up in Now Commerce. What gives? Well, it’s possible that the web connector didn’t really update even though

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How to Create User Accounts for Sales Reps

Sales rep access requires a subscription to the Now Commerce Sales Rep Portal. Please contact your account manager for more information. The sales rep portal is designed to only let a sales rep see customers and sales activity for their

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Item List

The item list is a report. It is not a price list or an order form. Items (not columns) selected to be on the item list are also the default items used when creating new price lists and order forms.

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How to Create User Accounts for Customers

Customer access requires a subscription to the Now Commerce Customer Portal. Please contact your account manager for more information. Here are instructions for setting up customers to use the customer portal. Go to Customers > Customer Listing > select a

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Your Password is Unchanged

When signing up a customer or sales rep, why does the invitation email say “Your password is unchanged” instead of “Your temporary password is: xxxxxxxx”? This means that the customer or sales rep is already set up to use the

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Create an Order Form or Price List

These are instructions for creating a new order form or price list or editing an existing one. Once created, order forms and price lists are available for use in the Company, Sales Rep, and Customer Portal views. What’s the difference

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Initial Sync with QuickBooks

You will need to have a Now Commerce administrator account. If you do not have one, contact your account manager. If you already have an administrator account, sign in at You can reset your password at You will

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Overview and System Requirements

Overview Four components work together to ensure the successful flow of information between Now Commerce and QuickBooks®. The  QuickBooks Company File The QuickBooks Company File is the database of record that makes Now Commerce so easy to use. Now Commerce

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